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Mar 2020

Practical Tips for Working Remotely


Working remotely is new to a lot of workers and their companies.  Some do it well because they have done it for many years; some flounder and struggle to implement the technology and work processes.  In this program, we hear from Paul Petersen the GM at GoldMine, his marketing manager Stacy Gentile, and CRM Radio’s studio producer, Paul Roberts, who discuss the dual challenges of technology and the human side of remote work. 


  • There are technology issues for different jobs in sales customer service, accounting, etc.
  • How GoldMine CRM had a “stress test” two weeks ago with everyone in the company (including their parent company), sent home to work at home for a day to identify the issues should it happen
  • They discussed equipment, testing connections, remote desktop, applications, password needs, use of web clients and mobile applications

The Human Element

  • How to keep a team motivated
  • Meeting cadence
  • Trust
  • The benefit of over-communicating
  • Team calls
  • A home office structure
  • Avoiding multi-tasking
  • Judging tasks based on the 3 “Ds”: Do it, Detect it, or Delegate it.

It was a lively discussion with varying opinions. 

CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen of Goldmine CRM by Ivanti which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  GoldMine is the sponsor of CRM Radio.

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Sep 2019

When Sales are Down, First Train the Rest of the Company In Sales


When sales are down, companies should not turn to training salespeople again and again, they need to train everyone else in company on sales.

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Aug 2019

Myths that Salespeople are Taught by Their Mothers – Keenan with Paul Petersen


Keenan, the author of Gap Selling is the CEO of A Sales Guy and the guest for host Paul Petersen on CRM Radio. This is pure Keenan at his best, except of course for his books. 

This program is part of a book review and a lot of sales training as Keenan discusses:

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Aug 2019

4 Reasons Why CRM Systems Succeed and Others Fail


CRM Radio host Paul Petersen interviews Gene Marks. In this program Marks says that if companies want to succeed with their CRM system they need to invest in their people first. The result is a successful CRM system, growing sales, a clean database, and a high value for the company.  They discuss the four reasons for a CRM implementation which drive every long term CRM success. 

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May 2019

How Aspirational Leadership Helps the Bottom Line


dora-lutz-book.jpgThe host for CRM Radio, Stacy Gentile, said that of all the guests he invited this year, Dora Lutz is the one he looked forward to most.  She is the author of “The Aspirational Business”  and the founder and president of  In this interview, Stacy asks and Dora answers:

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