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Sep 2018

Brian Fanzo: Translating Geekspeak while Simplifying the Complex.



  • We chat with Brian about his podcast on the business value of Facebook and Instagram: we will discuss the key takeaways and why this was so popular.
  • There will be an update on social media trends for B2B.
  • We'll have some fun discussing his latest "gadget. Do they make gadgets any more? - Find out.
  • Find out if you have FOMO: fear of missing out - Don't miss it! 

Over these last two years that Brian has dedicated to telling his story, becoming an industry influencer and thought leader and a global speaker he’s grown his digital footprint to almost 200k followers including the iSocialFanz twitter account to over 100k followers. Brian credits this growth and success in such a short period of time to his dedication to being transparent and authentic with his followers while not focusing on building just a following on social media channels rather a digital community of friends, fans and thought leaders that support and follow him to events wherever he goes.

Brian credits his success to what he calls “A Millennial Mindset” that comes down to living his 3 C’s.  Embracing Change, empowering and building Communities and driving a culture of Collaboration.

Join us on Sept.13 for what is sure to be an energetic and inspiring podcast.

Aug 2018

Petersen Shares Stories of Things He has Learned in Life


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Paul Petersen, GM and VP of Goldmine Software shares his struggles from a young man to adjust to the realities of business.  He has worked for 7 CEO’s as a senior manager and each taught him that he must consider being:

  1. Adaptability: He had to accept and participate in change; He has had 7 CEOs – all good guys, but different. He chose to participate rather than fight it (excepting criminal or ethical lapses)
  2. An “idea” is NOT a “plan”: many a good idea goes unfulfilled for want of execution. Have an idea? Enlist others to help -- have a bias for action.
  3. Communicating is hard – He learned more from listening than speaking. And by listening, he was more relevant for what  he heard
  4. No one Cares what you did (or know) – only what you do now. No one says “tell us about software in the old days, Mr. Petersen” or cares about his thoughts on Fleetwood Mac before the girls joined.
  5. Make your boss look good (and team) – don’t be a kiss ass, but be supportive, do what you can to help others succeed; offer praise, cooperation – and phrase critiques gently.
  6. Lastly Bonus: have coping strategies: Pick your battlesbe activedo stuff /press on
About Paul Petersen
Petersen is the general manager and vice president of the GoldMine.   His career spans working with sales & marketing systems and process having developed, managed, and sold for companies including McDonald's Corp, General Electric, Symantec, Allied Van Lines and now has 16 years with CRM background at GoldMine.  He holds a JD from Loyola University of Chicago and was one of the first to be awarded  the Professional Certified Marketer designation by the American Marketing Association.
About GoldMine

Headquartered in Salt Lake city, UT, GoldMine is “published” by Ivanti.  Goldmine is a leading provider of CRM Solutions for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide.  More than 25 years ago, GoldMine helped pioneer the CRM industry and they have been around for so many years because of their focus on being simple, affordable and proven.

Aug 2018

Are tacos “content”?



Mmmm...tacos are tasty and many people love to sit down to something yummy. Your digital content is no different and we are serving up an appetizing conversation about creating high-quality content for your business. Our podcast guest is Chris Reid of Constant Content - join us as we discuss how to tell your brand story, drive SEO and win sales! Free tacos not included. 

About our Guest:

Chris Reid is the Director of Business Development at Constant Content. Chris also has years of experience helping SMB’s to Fortune 500 companies improve their content creation process with a focus on quality and scalability. Chris has a unique understanding of what it takes to build a world-class content strategy and how to produce the high-quality content needed to support that strategy.

Company Bio: 

Constant Content is a content creation service that specializes in creating high-quality, unique content for businesses. Our easy to-use, collaborative platform and managed enterprise services allow us to help businesses of any size to scale and improve their content creation. Constant Content connects you with thousands of professional writers able to create articles, ebooks, product descriptions, and other assets to tell your brand story, drive SEO, and win sales.

Aug 2018

How to leverage digital marketing everyday




Digital Marketing has suffered in recent years from vanity metrics (likes, followers, etc.) and some channels not living up to their hype. Marketers are returning to traditional branding - but that shouldn’t preclude digital. Digital enables faster research, testing, agility, and can ultimately be the baseline for every traditional effort. Tighter budgets and higher expectations simply don’t work. You can’t grow your business without growing your marketing and sales efforts. Deploying digital marketing effectively can mitigate some costs, but not enough to cut budgets. You should look at your marketing budget as a percent of revenue. A typical static company is spending ~10%, a high-growth company 20%. Some companies like Salesforce went all in and spent over 50% to dominate their market. Join Paul Petersen and his guest, Douglas Karr as they dive into the pressing issues of the struggles of SMB marketers.

Some of what they will cover includes:

  • What are the overall trends you are seeing  (big picture, what you are working on)
  • What are the challenges fo getting the most – especially for SMBs with tighter budgets and higher expectations
  • What are some of the mind sets that block transformation  (results)
  • What role can CRM play, if any

About our Guest, Douglas Karr:

Douglas Karr owns DK New Media. They did due diligence for $3 billion worth of acquisitions in the space and helped countless companies become successful – including SmartFocus, Angie’s List, GoDaddy, Chase Paymentech, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Compendium, and dozens of startups that they work with.

  • Wiley Published Author: Corporate Blogging for Dummies
  • Recognized by Heinz Marketing: Top 25 Marketing Influencers in the World
  • Recognized by LinkedIn: Top 25 Social Media Experts to Follow

Douglas speaks on a variety of topics, including:

Social Selling – Proven methodologies for enterprise sales organizations to optimize their social media presence, build authority and trust via social media, and drive referrals and sales.

Consumer Buying Journey – Companies have struggled to adopt to new media and are seeing their marketing and sales suffer. This session educates your corporate leadership on how their buyers’ behaviors are changing so that there’s buy-in to new-media adoption.

Content Marketing – Content production is labor and time-intensive but your organization continues to struggle to see the return on investment. This speech helps your content team set goals and build a world-class content library that is superior to your competitors and drives engagement and response.

Marketing Stack – What is the elusive holy grail of marketing technology platforms? How do you determine what to purchase, how much to budget, and how to implement an omnichannel strategy that increases the return on investment while reducing the resources needed to operate it.

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Jul 2018

How to Speed Up Customer Acquisition & Win Big Contracts with Jill Konrath



Paul Petersen interviews Jill Konrath, author of More Sales in Less Time. Jill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh strategies that actually work in today’s sales world. Jill’s newsletters are read by 125,000+ sellers worldwide. Her popular blog has been syndicated on numerous business and sales websites.


Jill Konrath is also a frequent speaker at sales conferences and kick-off meetings. Sharing her fresh sales strategies, she helps salespeople to speed up new customer acquisition and win bigger contracts. Her clients include IBM, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Staples and numerous mid-market firms.


Jill is the author of three bestselling, award-winning books. Her newest book, Agile Selling shows salespeople how to succeed in a constantly changing sales world. SNAP Selling focuses on what it takes to win sales with today’s crazy-busy buyers. And Selling to Big Companies provides step-by-step guidance on setting up meetings with corporate decision makers.

Thought Leader

As a business-to-business sales expert, Jill’s ideas and insights are ubiquitous in multiple forums, both on and offline.

Jul 2018

Small Business Trends in Social Selling.



THURSDAY - 7/12 11am Pac - We talked with Jack Kosakowski, the CEO (US Division) of Creative Agency. We will be covering topics around sales, social selling and Small Business Trends. In particular we will cover how sales people use social media, how to increase conversions, the roll content plays in sales and how its created, along with how SMB owners use and collect data for the sales process. The host is Paul Petersen.


Jun 2018

Why an Unqualified, Naked Sales Lead is Obscene

Salespeople will tell you that the most obscene thing they receive from marketing is a naked, unqualified sales lead. This is a stripped down sales lead that has nothing on it except what is mandatory and that usually doesn’t include budget, authority, need and time frame for purchase.  
Why it Matters:
"The interesting thing is that no salesperson should receive a naked sales lead today.  It isn't necessary with the tools that are available to marketing."
In this live streaming CRMRadio.Today program Paul Petersen, VP and GM at GoldMine CRM discusses how to gain the salespeople’s unqualfied respect by sending them what they most desire: a qualified sales lead. The host is Jim Obermayer.
About Paul Petersen
Mr. Petersen is the general manager and vice president of the GoldMine business unit of HeatSoftware Inc. His career spans working with sales & marketing systems and process having developed, managed, and sold for companies including McDonald's Corp, General Electric, Symantec, Allied Van Lines and now has 16 years with CRM background at GoldMine. Mr. Petersen holds a JD from Loyola University of Chicago and was one of the first to be awarded the Professional Certified Marketer designation by the American Marketing Association.
About GoldMine

Headquartered in Salt Lake city, UT, GoldMine is “published” by Ivanti.  GoldMine is a leading provider of CRM Solutions for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide.  More than 25 years ago, GoldMine helped pioneer the CRM industry and they have been around for so many years because of their focus on being simple, affordable and proven.


Using CRM for Fun and Profit: How Sales Reps can use their CRM to Hit Quota

Marketing Myths and ROI

Jun 2018

How the P&L Should Be Measured To Increase Revenue



This is episode two from the last program on CRM Radio entitled: How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience.  In this episode Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios discusses how and why a company should look at their P&L differently, through a different lens. He talks about:

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May 2018

How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience


It's all about the Power of Lifecycle Marketing


With all of the technology, some say in spite of the technology, many believe  the customer experience is broken.  Is it due to too much technology and no leadership? In this interview Augie MacCurrach gives us hope that lifecycle marketing can solve the issue and bring a predictable bottom line ROI if the CMO is smart enough, clever enough and has the CEO’s backing. This is episode one. 


About Our Guest Augie MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach is CEO and founder of Boston-based Customer Portfolios. Under his leadership since 2001, Customer Portfolios provides its clients with actionable customer insight, strategy, analytics, and omnichannel marketing to move the needle on customer value and incremental revenue.

Prior to founding Customer Portfolios, Augie was involved in first wave CRM strategy solutions and technology implementations for Fortune 500 and Dotcom venture backed companies while working with a CRM Consultancy DiaLogos from 1995 to 2001.   
MacCurrach holds a BA in math and economics from Hobart College.

About Customer Portfolios

At Customer Portfolios (CP), it is our mission to increase the value of your customer asset in measurable ways. With our advisory services, we guide our clients through the process of putting customers at the center of their business. By using advanced analytics, we identify actionable insights about specific behaviors and revenue opportunities across the buying lifecycle. Leveraging these insights, we execute targeted and measurable Lifecycle Marketing campaigns using our proprietary database and marketing technology. The result is an increase in lifetime value across your portfolio of customers.

For over 15 years, CP has partnered with multichannel retailers to grow their customer equity and business with our products and services. Visit, read our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Goldmine CRM

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May 2018

Bertuzzi: Quick Ideas for Turning Sales Around


Rapid insights from Trish Bertuzzi's interview on how long it takes to turn bring sales back.


A new sales manager comes in with promises to turn the situation around, even though he or she doesn’t know what caused. So how much time will it take to turn things around and make the company healthy again?  To answer this we have Trish Bertuzzi of the Bridge Group.  Bertuzzi talks about:-


  • The disease called Founderitis!
  • Why replacing the sales manager isn’t always the answer!
  • What is the real problem if sales are down?
  • Are you selling aspirins and vitamins?
  • Is here confusion between sales methodolgy and sales process? 
  • Why crafting a vision for a buyer is important
  • Why the buyer can dictate the journey

About TRISH BERTUZZI, President & Chief Strategist

Over the last two decades, Trish has promoted inside sales as a community, profession, and engine for revenue growth. In the process, The Bridge Group has worked with over 200 B2B technology clients to build, expand, and optimize their inside sales efforts.Through a combination of hard work and timing, Trish and her team's research and ideas have been featured on, in Forbes, by associations like SLMA and AA-ISP, and across more than 68 sites in the sales and marketing world.

Bridge Group

We specialize in building, expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies for smart technology companies. We help Sales & Marketing leaders make the big decisions: on implementation strategy, productivity & performance, process, technology and tools. Since 1998, we've worked with 300+ B2B clients, helping them increase productivity, drive higher conversion from leads to revenue and maximize Inside Sales success.

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Goldmine CRM

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